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Electronic Time Clocks

Amano PIX-21
Engineered for value, simplicity and durability, the PIX-21 Series electronic time clock suits small business applications. The PIX-21 eliminates manual time sheets and the errors that usually accompany such methods—contributing to savings right to your bottom line. Ten-message printing along with the date/time stamp allows the PIX-21 to function as a verification and tracking device for other important company documents.
Amano PIX-3000X
The PIX-3000X is a heavy-duty economical, and fully automatic electronic cost and payroll recorder as well as a time and date stamping machine. Also imprints hours, minutes, seconds and features alpha-numeric character printing.

Amano TCX-11
The TCX-11 Series is a heavy duty electronic cost and payroll recorder with an easy to read clock. The wall or table mount allows for portable or stationary use, and the automatic adjustments for the year, month, day as well as Daylight Saving Time, leap year, and short months, enable the TCX-11 to virtually function on its own.

Lathem 5000EP
The 5000E Plus is a multi-function electronic time recorder that can operate as a time clock, time stamp or numbering machine. The unit can be easily programmed to print in any one of 29 preset print formats, or configured for custom printing on up to three separate lines. The built-in lithium battery keeps the time and settings during power interruptions for up to five years and the optional rechargeable Ni-Cad battery pack will allow the unit to remain fully operational for up to 72 hours or 200 prints without AC power. All of these advanced time recording features are housed in a compact and attractive case that allows for simple tabletop or secure wall installation.

Amano PIX -15
The PIX-15 Series electronic time recorder delivers enhanced functionality including the ability to print four-digit year, seconds, and notations. The PIX-15 is ideal for small businesses requiring accurate accounting of employee time. Internal calendar automatically adjusts to Daylight Saving Time, leap year, and short months. 
Amano TCX-45
The TCX-45 Atomic Time Recorder automatically synchronizes to the NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology) Atomic Clock via wireless radio signals. The TCX-45 automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time while providing unparalleled accuracy with a quartz clock. In addition, it is an economical job cost payroll recorder and fully functional time and date stamp.
Amano TCX-21
Engineered for value, simplicity and durability, the Amano TCX-21/22 Series electronic time clock offers reliability for local (Model TCX-21) and remote applications (Model TCX-22). The battery-operated model TCX-22 maintains normal operation for one week and/or 5,000 prints, making the unit ideal for use in facilities without AC power available.

Lathem 1500E
Using the same technology NASA employs to tell time, the Model 1500E wirelessly synchronizes with the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado. In addition to confirming the time daily, the 1500E automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time. No wires, no worries, and no more excuses for being late.

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